Jenn Thatcher is one of my FAVORITE artists! Her work is so beautiful, and I love that it can be placed in all different types of home styles whether it’s traditional or modern alike!

Jenn says “Each canvas is a metaphor for life, it starts clean and new, and sometimes it goes a direction we love, and someone it goes a direction we don’t love, but we can keep going, we can paint over it and turn it into something beautiful in the end.”

You will have to browse her website and see all of the amazing pieces she’s created! Jenn also does custom work, so you can commission her to paint something exactly the size you are looking for.

I’m so excited to share some of my favorite pieces with you today on the blog and how I styled them around my home!

Acrylic Blocks

For the holiday season, Jenn gave me an amazing deal to share with you guys! You can shop these acrylic blocks that retail for $295 for $100 and free shipping use code “Brooke”!

The quality of these are absolutely phenomenal and truly help elevate the entire look of a room! I love mixing high and low dollar value items to give an overall higher end look!  I would definitely “splurge” on the artwork, and I’m going to share some ideas on how to style the rest! 

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