Jenn Thatcher is a self taught artist living in Dallas, Texas. Jenn believes that having never taken formal art classes and not knowing any "rules" has helped her to feel truly free in her paintings process.

I love Jenn’s work because her spirit and heart come through so clearly; her paintings evoke feelings of love and peace and eternity, qualities we all need more of in our lives these days.

Gari Lister

When we purchased our first home, I wanted to have unique, one-of-a kind pieces. Each heirloom painting has a special meaning and brings me such joy. I look forward to collecting Jenn’s work (or more pieces) for the years to come.

Allison F Kalteyer

Love your work and your unique and positive outlook on art pieces.

Jena Philips

Unique art that can't be found anywhere else

Custom in house frames, exclusive designs and one of a kind paintings, art that truly makes a statement.